power skating with dr. mike

Custom Programs for Players, Teams and Coaches


All clinics are "custom ordered" to the advantage of players and parents. Clients can determine how many sessions they want, and when and where they want them. Call or e-mail to find out more about custom ordered skating clinics.

Power Skating for Players — 1-on-1, Small Groups, and Teams. Year round Skating Coaching.

  • Skating training for all players: U11, U13, U15, U18, Jr, and College/University.
  • Use videos of NHL (or elite females) players to watch how fast players skate (arm and leg movement and body position).

  • Focus on the 5 specific characteristics of fast skaters:

    1. Arm movement side-to-side

    2. Wide stride with a lot of space between skates.

    3. Low recovery after push-off.

    4. Quick recovery after push-off.

    5. Recovery skate lands on ice in-line with shoulder-hip-knee to get skate on inside edge to start push-off quickly.
  • Videotape analysis of players skating to identify 1 or 2 things we can work on to improve skating.

  • Use drills to improve the performance decrements each player has.

  • Focus on “game-performance skating” — we get players to skate like they do in a game.

  • Work on the 27 Game-Performance Skating Characteristics

  • Use pucks on every drill.

  • Use rubber resistance and over-speed training for “quick feet” and acceleration.

  • We analyze, teach, give positive feedback, use game-performance drills, and motivate players to become better.


Dr. Mike Bracko's Game Performance Skating DVD. 6 hours of instruction!

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