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Dr. Mike is a skating coach & sports physiologist who has specialized in hockey as a player, skating coach, researcher, and strength & conditioning coach for 35 years. Dr. Mike works with approximately 300 hockey players and conducts 200 skating clinics each year.

Power Skating

Custom Programs for Players, Teams, and Coaches


All Power Skating clinics are “custom ordered” to the advantage of players and parents. Clients can determine how many sessions they want, and when and where they want them. We can accommodate any request for skating clinics.

Skating Coach Certification Program

The Skating Coach Certification Program includes Classroom lecture/PowerPoint and On-Ice Clinics:

  • Understand the 4 skating characteristics of fast hockey players

  • Identify research showing objectively what are the skating characteristics of fast hockey players.

  • Watch videos of NHL players (or fast females) to see how players skate during a game.

  • Apply the research to teach biomechanically correct skating.

  • Develop the ability to analyze skating skills and give feedback to players for skill development/improvement.


Hows the pros skate

To get an idea of the biomechanics of a high-performance hockey skater, you can watch certain players and understand their characteristics. Watch these players in these videos to see how they skate. You will notice they all have the 5 characteristics of fast skaters:
  • Arms move side-to-side.
  • Wide Stride with lots of space between their skates.
  • Low Recovery after pushing off.
  • Quickly getting the skate on the ice after pushing off.
  • Their skates land in-line with their shoulder-hip-knee so they can get on the inside edge to push-off.