What People say about me

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the great instruction - Molly just skated in her first novice (first year) evaluation. She has only been on skates for one season (and is only 6 yrs old) of Timbits and one set of your sessions in the spring. While she (surprisingly to me) did not move up - she absolutely rocked it! She had a nice wide stride and several parents made a point of asking me where she learned to skate like that! It was awesome – especially when she was ‘in pursuit.’
"Love your DVD! I have taught both my children the wide stride and had them in power skating last year and the instructor didn't stop telling them to get their feet closer together. I have been researching the skating stride for a few years and it's great to finally find clear evidence that the wide stride is the correct one for speed. I watched your online presentation and have gone through the DVD a couple of times and am looking forward to running some clinics this season teaching proper mechanics."
"For your interest, my son was at hockey camp this past week and yesterday they had their blue vs. grey game. I was pleasantly surprised to see him, a dyed in the wool stay-at-home defenseman, use his new found speed to rush the puck into the offensive zone. He positioned himself well in front of the net; and the big item - he scored two goals, one of them on a one-timer just as you had practiced with him. He was thrilled and it was a real joy to see the excitement on his face."
"As a 30-something adult looking for ways to stay in shape beyond mind-numbing gym routines I decided to start playing rec league hockey around 9 months ago. "Ankle-bender", "wall-crawler", and "pylon" were pretty common ways of describing my skating & hockey skills when I started out. I had been through a 10-week beginner hockey program and a 8-week power skating prior to working with Dr. Mike and learned more in 4 one-hour sessions with him than all my previous courses and games combined. Mike is absolutely great at providing feedback; discerning, focussed feedback as opposed to an over-load of instruction which cause over-thinking and impaired learning. He is also very perceptive and adaptive enabling him to pin-point key deficiencies in technique and is creative at finding ways to encourage development. Mike is also a wonderful communicator & motivator, providing lots of encouragement for this recreational "pylon" to get into the game. I look forward to many more sessions with Dr. Bracko in the future!"
Talking about his 15 year old son, Matt: Matt learned a great deal from you in 4 short days. I am still trying to lift my jaw back up into place after watching Matt perform the last few cone exercises with the puck. He has never had that kind of breath-taking speed with a puck. When he finished his last turn and came flying at the net with his knees spread and deeply flexed and his feet pushing sideways and his total focus on shooting...not skating technique, I knew that you had reached him with your instructions and had given him his best chance of ever of becoming a high-level hockey player! We are very grateful. I am convinced that he has your precepts down at this point. More importantly, he is convinced that he has your lessons learned.
David Bell, Houston, Texas
"I think your instructional program is the best I have seen. You combine scientific knowledge with multimedia. I have never seen that before. You have an excellent grasp of how to teach kids. You ask for and keep their attention. They respect you. You keep them busy. Even your review at the end of practice is something that is not often seen but is a good opportunity for the players to note that they got something out of the practice and to help remember it. At the same time you are combining a cool down lap and you have their attention again. This is notwithstanding the fact that you are an expert in what you teach, which is immediately obvious when you describe why it is important and then demonstrate it with skill. I think the program is excellent. I am continuing to learn important things for myself as well."
Ron Cridland
MD, Assistant Coach, Chestermere Pee Wee’s
"First let me say that I can't thank you enough for bringing some sanity into performance hockey skating. Your videos and, more importantly, your knowledge were fantastic, As someone who learnt how to skate on ice as an adult (I'm from Argentina where I played quad roller hockey as a child) I can only wish to have had access to your DVD 20 years earlier. I read Laura Stamm's book and watched her DVD as well as Robby Glantz. I have to admit that they helped but there was something, intuitively, I knew it was not right. From the jumping starts, to the ready position (heels clicked together), to bringing the leg back under the body on the outside edge. Worse of all, pumping the arms back and forth. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make it work! I even tried some "Power" skating lessons where those things were being preached like a gospel. What a waste of time! Meanwhile, watching NHL or University hockey I could see that the players were doing things differently, but I couldn't exactly understand what and why. Until you explained everything. Best of all, you approached the topics through the lens of science, not dogma. For someone like me, who needs a rational explanation for everything, that was the icing on the cake. Thank you very much. Please continue with your excellent work."
"When I picked him up today he got into the car and said "That was awesome, I had so much fun. I really learned a lot because when I did not do something the right way Mike told me and gave me a chance to do it again." He really had a great time and I truly appreciate your inviting him - it was a great experience. You are an exceptional teacher, coach. mentor and motivator. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. You have an exceptional gift and are a pleasure to work with. Thank you!!!!"
Louann, Calgary
"The step up from the NAHL to the USHL was significant. The speed and intensity of the game in the USHL are both noticably higher. The improvements I made to my skating technique following Dr. Bracko's analysis and suggestions really helped me make a quick transition to the faster pace of the USHL and will serve me well as I continue to prepare for the jump to the CCHA next year at Michigan State."
Drew Miller, River City Lancers,
USHL, Michigan State, and drafted by Anaheim Ducks.
"After spending only one short week with Mike, my stride and shot improved significantly. I went into training camp faster then I have ever been and my shot is noticeably stronger and more accurate. I felt very confident at the National Team camp and have Mike to thank for that.
Delaney Collins
Canadian National Team and previously with University of Alberta Pandas.
"Mike’s program is one of true excellence. Mike has extensive knowledge of the science of training. He always tells you why you are doing something and how it will improve your fitness. He also stresses mental fitness."
Bob, Julie, & Drew Wiens
Drew Wiens, Ex-Goalie, now studying Economics at the University of Calgary
"The physical and psychological preparation you gave Drew extended far and above any expectations we had at the outset of the program. Your strength and conditioning program is exceptional and we would recommend it to anyone wishing to improve his station in life and in sports. Our entire family hold you, and your program, in high regard. We believe your program will continue to benefit any diligent student throughout his or her life. Thank you for making a difference in Drew’s life. He is better able to accept himself as a non-hockey player."
Bob & Julie Wiens:
"All of the women who went to the hockey school really enjoyed it and appreciated your teaching skills, enthusiasm and sincerity. No one felt patronized or talked down to and we all really appreciated it. I saw such in improvement in most of the skaters, especially the weaker, or should I say stiffer skaters."
"Nutty Housewives Hockey Camp, 2000"

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